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After our January meeting the UK Business Owner Recovery and Exit Planning Survey project was formally launched. A working group has been formed since then to move it forward. The working group will focus on delivering the survey as outlined in the post meeting email. The working group needs to maximise time and resources. Due to the time commitments of this project, combined with the normal day-to-day business commitments the open monthly virtual collaborative will be replaced with the working group’s meetings. As the project develops the working group will be post activities and updates.  

About the Survey

The XPX UK chapter will be developing a research project throughout 2021-22 - Business Owner Recovery and Exit Planning Survey. The survey is the first of its in kind the market. No specific percentages, numbers or information exists relating to SME exit-transition. The result is distinct lack of support and resources available to business owners. With the added impact of Covid-19, regions risk a potential collapse in economy, jobs, education, innovation and growth. The disruption to education will have a knock-on effect on further and higher education.

The aim of the survey is to determine the potential of recovery and exit/transition readiness of lower mid-market business owners and unlock the wealth accumulated within communities/regional markets. Hopefully this sill serve government, professional advisors and private sector with ways of better supporting business owners.

Thank you everyone for your continued support. This special project makes for a very optimistic future. 

Best regards,

XPX London

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